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Vienna Hotel Xining Railway Station

Vienna 3 best hotel (Xining Railway Station shop) is located in Xining City, Qinghai Province, 9-23 hard Lane East, opposite Zhou Jiaquan primary school. Traffic location is very convenient, adjacent to Xining Railway Station, bus station, commodity wholesale market, nine Eagle caterpillar fungus market, etc., the walking train station only takes 5 minutes, 20 minutes from the airport. There are many nearby attractions, Ma Bufang mansion, Dongguan mosque, North Temple, Nanshan, Xishan National Phoenix Palace wild zoo, grand commercial street, the New Millennium International Department Store etc.. The hotel has all kinds of deluxe rooms 55 / sets, the hotel style is natural, warm and comfortable, adhering to the "deep sleep and big health" core value of Vienna experience, so that your travel more relaxed and pleasant! It's one of your first choice Residenz Hotel in Qinghai.